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Termite Swarm FAQ

Termites swarm in the springtime as a method of reproducing, expanding and starting new colonies. These junior kings and queens are called alates and will swarm near sunset after a rain storm in the springtime when temperatures warm up. This can happen anywhere from late April through June. All species of termites will swarm, however what are normally seen is the eastern subterranean termite and the Formosan and termite.

Termite swarmers have one purpose in life. They must find a suitable environment and find a mate all within 24 hours or less. They are looking for a wet environment with an available food source which is wood or cellulose material.

Termite swarms can be large or small but are guaranteed to happen yearly. This event is something to watch for but should not cause undo stress or alarm if you know what to expect and procedures to follow.

When termites swarm they are attracted to outdoor lights and will typically swarm toward windows with lights on inside. You may see dozens to thousands of termites swarming around light fixtures.

There is no need to spray pesticides inside the home when you see swarmers. They will die naturally within 24 hours due to lack of moisture. You just need a vacuum or broom the next morning!

When you see a swarm happening at night make sure all doors and windows are closed. You can even turn off lights near windows and place a towel under the threshold of any loose fitting exterior doors.

If you see termites swarming out of a hole inside your house don’t panic! Remember pesticide sprays are not necessary. The best way to handle this situation is all through containment. Tape a plastic grocery store bag around the hole where they are coming out. This way they will continue to swarm but will be trapped inside that plastic bag and not all over your home. Remember termites generally swarm at night. The next morning when the swarm is over you can remove this bag and throw the whole thing away.

Termites perform a necessary and vital function in our ecosystem by returning dead foliage and trees to the soil. Some people go as far as to say humans would not exist without the presence of termites on earth! It just so happens that we build our houses out of the termites preferred food source. When termites infest a house there is normally an underlying root cause that this is happening. We call these conducive conditions, or simply things that are going on around the house that can promote termite infestation. These conditions include water leaks like sewer, plumbing or roof leaks, and soil or mulch piled up against the house. Firewood stacked against the house and heavy foliage against the house are also conducive conditions. Wood to ground contact and wood rot are big determining factors when termites are actively investing a home.

Don’t panic! One of the first things you should do is make a phone call to a licensed pest control company that can do a professional inspection on your home to determine suitable treatment options for your specific situation. Termites move relatively slowly so you have time to get adequate information on what’s going on in your home and determine the best course of action for your situation. It’s not going to make a difference if you get it treated today or a month from now. This doesn’t mean you should put it off indefinitely! Termites will not go away on their own and will only get worse.

A licensed professional pest control company like BugMeNot Pest Control will perform a complete inspection for termites. This includes not only looking for active termites but also the conducive conditions that promoted the infestation in the first place. Once we have completed the inspection we will give you some treatment options.

There is no best treatment option or one-size-fits-all method for treating for termites that can be applied to every home. Treatments can be as small as one specific area or designed to treat and prevent termites for the entire structure. Pricing can start as low as $199 and go as high as several thousand dollars. Don’t let pricing scare you! BugMeNot will provide a free in home consultation to give you options.

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